Copyrights and Licensing

Copyright and Licensing

To publish and disseminate research articles in SciFed Publishers, we need publishing rights from authors in order to make it online/print/distribution/reuse.This is determined by an agreement between the author and SciFed Publishers, which deals with the transfer or license of the copyright to SciFed Publishers and authors hold their substantial rights to use and share their articles, which are published under SciFed Publishers. Authors have copyright, but license rights are attributed to the publisher.

Authors have the right to:

Based on the type of Creative Commons License selected by the author, he/she can reuse his/her own published work partially/ completely in books as chapters etc. with a Written Consent from Publisher.

Make a number of copies for personal (teaching purposes)/ non-commercial professional use.

Use/republish same figure, texts, tables/ content in other third-party publishers, with a Written Consent from Publisher.

Post his/her article in their institutional/ personal website, for which no charges are made for access. Should post the article link – PDF/Fulltext.

Note : An author should post the published link of article’s Fulltext/PDF of the SciFed Publishers. Copyright protects the article and its data of an experiment and the results specifically. SciFed Publishers safeguards and secures author’s work and their reputation and takes serious actions against infringement, plagiarism, ethical disputes and fraudulent activities. We recommend contacting us for any such activities if you come across.

Publisher License

The publisher has the right to publish, distribute, and can grant rights to others, even for commercial purposes based on the type of License they chose.

The right to make the article available in all forms so that the article can be used in any form even after publication.

The authority/ right to act against the copyright infringement/ plagiarism on behalf of authors. SciFed Publishers is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 4.0 International License by default but based on the requirement, an author can opt any of these below seven licenses.