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SCIFED Publishers is an organization which has aroused with an aim to collaborate all the innovative minds in two different platforms Journals and Conferences. We are a group of young minds who are always keen in promoting the research, reporting and evaluation of research with a code of transparency...

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SCIFED Publishers is an organization which has been initiated to make the research freely accessible and easily communicated through our journals and conferences all over the world. Our publishing house has more than 60 open access journals which aim to disseminate the knowledge in various fields of ...

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WHY SCIFED Publishers

SCIFED Publishers is an open access publisher which aims in providing a platform to the authentic and factual research which helps in the growth of scientific community. Being an open access publisher, we strive to make the open access system stronger, more accessible, and more legitimate across the globe.

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Most Viewed Articles

Most Viewed Articles

  • Optimization of Batch Biosorption of Cr(VI) and Cu(II) Ions from Wastewater using Bacillus subtilis

    Read more... Author - Narasimhulu K

  • HPV Related Oral Cancer: A New Epidemic

    Read more... Author - Susan E Calderbank

  • Ozone Treatment of a Combined Lesion in a Localized Aggressive Periodontitis Patient: A Case Report

    Read more... Author - Hatice Balci Yuce

  • Cannabis and Myocardial Infarction: Risk Factors and Pathogenetic Insights

    Read more... Author - Samy I McFarlane

Published Articles

  • Osseo-Compression in Oral Implantalogy

    Read more... Author - Kianor Shah Mohammadi

  • QR Codes-an Essential Tool for Orthodontist's Smartphone

    Read more... Author - Devinder Preet Singh

  • Impact of the Increase of Greenhouse Gas Concentration on the Lake-Breeze Circulation..............

    Read more... Author - Sergio HF

  • Ectodermal Dysplasia- A Case Report

    Read more... Author - Ambarkova V

  • The Interactive Energy Inexhaustible and Protective of the Environment ...........

    Read more... Author - Luigi Antonio Pezone

Benefits of collaborating with us

1. We make the research open access which can be freely downloaded anywhere in the world without any hindrance. This helps in increasing the impact of the published articles. Thus, promising an immediate and greater visibility.
2. The foremost aspect of our publishing house is to broaden the enriched values of education and research following the equality of learning, sharing and gaining of knowledge in all over world.
3. Apart from scientific journals, we also promote open access through a wide range of scientific conferences covering diverse areas of science, technology, medicine and healthcare industry. These conferences endow the great minds to share their knowledge in an informal way making the conference environment contented.

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